Bangladesh Stock Market Hacked By Teamgreyhat (Cyber-War 2.0)

Bangladesh Stock Market Hacked By Teamgreyhat (Cyber-War 2.0)
Yesterday we have said that hackers from Bangladesh has restarted the cyber-war between India & Bangladesh. So far all the attacks are coming from the Bangladeshi side but here we have seen a complete different scenario. Hacktivist Teamgreyhat suddenly take part into this burning issue and as a result they have blown the official website of Bangladesh Stock Market. The hackers have broke into the Stock Market server, deleted all the files and uploaded their deface page. Also they have breached the complete database of BD Stock Market and make that available for download. Not only stock market but also five other valuable Bangladeshi sites (Business, Corporate & Financial) get hacked in this attack. In the official press release TGH vows to destroy many financial sites of Bangladesh. They have also said that they have make their decision to take part in this Cyber-War 2.0 for India. Earlier BD hackers targeted Indian Stock market while performing DDoS attack & this hack from TGH seems to be the counter attack of that attack. No need of much explanation that such kind of attack on highly valuable site like Stock Market will surely effect the financial & banking sector of Bangladesh.

Press Release of TGH:- 
"Greeting World:-
After seeing many drama of Cyber-War between Bangladesh & India, Finally we TGH have decided to stand against #injustice like earlier we have done for #ACTA #censorship. TGH has been requested many times specially by our Indian brothers to stand for India in that cyber-war, at last we have make our decision to stand against the cyber criminals of BD. The world have seen that what kind of damages India have faced by those bd hackers. So its time to make them fell what our beloved and fellow citizen of India has faced. So we TGH are engaging massive cyber attack and we here by declared that #targetbangadesh engaged.
Message to BD hackers:-
While gaining publicity you have done enough damage and now you have to pay for every thing.
............. we promise that BD will face the biggest cyber attack they have ever seen.
We are here for our Indian brothers, and we will keep our promise.
We are TGH
We are Warriors
We are Achilles of Cyber World
Hackers from Bangladesh you should have expected us......"

If you dig the history you will come to know that TGH is known for executing mass deferments. Couple of months ago they have hacked 7 Thousand Websites while protesting against ACTA & 12K sites for another cause.


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