eCrypt Me & eCrypt One On One -Incredible Email Security Solution (More Security & Privacy)

eCrypt Me & eCrypt One On One- Incredible Email Security Solution (More Security & Privacy

To implement more security and privacy eCrypt Technologies has developed two incredible email security solutions in the United States. ‘eCrypt Me’ and ‘eCrypt One On One’ are the two latest security solutions which are cost-effective, user-friendly and easy to use. Both solutions are available on a trial basis on the company’s website. ‘eCrypt Me’ is a web based email security solution that offer a secure environment to users of all types of email. ‘eCrypt One On One’ is an email encryption software for BlackBerry smartphone users. Both of the email security solutions use a combination of AES256 and ECC521 algorithms to secure all data. According to Brad Lever, CEO of eCrypt technologies - “Our goal is to provide the highest level of security to users across the world. We believe in making security solutions simple yet effective, so that implementation of our solutions does not become a headache for our users”

Brief Description:- 
‘eCrypt Me’ offers a web based email encryption, secure file storage and secure document sharing platform to all existing email addresses, whether its Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, POP, IMAP, Exchange, GroupWise, or other. Users can use their existing email identities to send and receive emails on the platform. The web based email security solution includes a secure File Vault which secures online document storage and file sharing. The email security solution is very easy to use and secured data in unsecured, public, free Wi-Fi environments, preventing unauthorized data interception threats. For BlackBerry smartphone users, ‘eCrypt One on One’ provides the highest level of encryption, unbeatable by hackers. The encryption software is downloaded directly to the smartphone and embeds itself into the BlackBerry operating system. The software generates unique random key sets for each contact. Users can select which messages to encrypt by adding contacts to the software’s Secure Contact List. ‘eCrypt One on One’ has been designed to encrypt emails sent between two people. 

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