Internet Explorer & Firefox Also Became Victim To Hackers At Pwn2Own

Internet Explorer (IE 9) & Firefox 10.0.2 Also Became Victim To Hackers At Pwn2Own
At Pwn2Own contest the web-browsers are getting hacked in a series. First it was the turn of Google Chrome where Sergey Glazunov, a Russian security researcher has earned $60,000 by demonstrating how he could waltz past the security sandbox in Google's Chrome browser to run unauthorized code on fully-patched Windows 7 computers. Then the time came for Microsoft's Internet Explorer. A team from a French security firm managed to hack IE 9 on a fully patched Windows 7 SP1 machine. The group from Paris-based Vupen Security brought down IE9 running on Windows 7 by exploiting a pair of previously-unknown "zero-day" bugs that bypassed the operating system's defensive technologies to execute attack code, allowing that code to escape from IE's "Protected Mode," the browser's limited-rights anti-exploit system. They managed to bypass the browser's DEP and ASLR protection with a 0-day heap overflow vulnerability, and then used a separate memory corruption bug to break out of its Protected Mode, which is effectively a sandbox. According to VUPEN founder Chaouki Bekrar, these particular flows have existed in previous incarnations of the browser - all the way back to IE 6 - and will very likely work on the upcoming IE 10.
Then the turn of Firefox came. Mozilla’s Firefox is the latest browser to fall victim to hackers at this year’s Pwn2Own hacker contest. Two researchers working together – Willem Pinckaers and Vincenzo Iozzo — exploited a single zero-day vulnerability in the latest Firefox 10.0.2 on a fully patched Windows 7 SP1 PC to cart off a $30,000 cash prize.


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