The Stable Version of Wine 1.4 Released

The Stable Version of Wine 1.4 Released 
The Wine team has officially released the availability of stable release Wine 1.4. After twenty moths of hard work and development finally we got Wine 1.4 Stable. Before this the Wine Team has released 6 Release Candidate of this version for testing purposes. More than 16,000 individual changes have been done in this release. The main highlights are the new DIB graphics engine, a redesigned audio stack, and full support for bidirectional text and character shaping. It also contains a lot of improvements across the board, as well as support for many new applications, notably Microsoft Office 2010. Additional information can be found from the release note.
Wine 1.4 At a Glance:- 
  • New graphics engine for rendering into Device Independent Bitmaps (DIB). DIB can also be used as a fall-back for some graphics primitives, like alpha blending, when the driver doesn't supports it
  • More image codecs are implemented, including support for TGA and CMYK JPEG decoding, as well as BMP, TIFF, PNG, and ICNS encoding.
  • The audio stack is completely redesigned, based on the Vista model
  • The Alsa, OSS, and CoreAudio drivers have been rewritten to use the new model
  • The Jack, NAS, AudioIO, OSS3 and ESD audio subsystems are no longer supported
  • Joystick action mapping is supported, including a configuration dialog
  • Full support for bidirectional text
  • New Vista style file dialogs
  • Wine can now make use of GStreamer for audio and video playback
  • Implemented system tray notification balloons
  • The built-in (Gecko-based) web browser engine supports ActiveX
  • Dynamic device management can use the new UDisks service in addition to HAL
  • Wine now compiles on ARM too

To Download Wine 1.4 Stable Click Here


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