Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 For Oracle Linux With Linux kernel 3.0 & btrfs

Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 For Oracle Linux With Linux kernel 3.0 & btrfs 
Today Oracle officially released its Enterprise Kernel Release 2 for Oracle Linux which incorporates the recently released Linux 3.0 kernel & the newly added file system known as btrfs. Since October of 2010, Unbreakable Linux 2 is the second major update of Oracle’s Linux distribution. It also features technical previews of Linux Containers and Sun-developed DTrace but those features are not yet commercially supported. Enterprise Kernel Release 2 is available to all Oracle Linux subscribers today and is included with Oracle Linux 5 and 6. In a brief interview, Oracle execs said Btrfs, which is standard in Oracle Linux, supports data stores of up to 16 exabytes, is optimized for solid state disks, incorporates data integrity and is simple to administer. Enterprise Kernel 2 was tested on two-socket and Oracle’s most powerful 8 socket systems and demonstrated an impressive 5 million transactions per minute on x86 systems and reportedly offers fastest performance on Intel systems.
Linux 3.0 was the first version of the kernel to support the Btrfs next-generation file system. Btrfs can manage up to 16 exabytes of data in one namespace, which should ease the burden of data management for organizations with that much material. It provides the ability to automatically back up data and a way to do RAID backups without external controllers. It also is optimized for solid-state hard drives, rather than the drives based on spinning disks.
Some key Highlights In This Release Include:-
  • Btrfs file system
  • Performance and scalability improvements
  • Virtualization improvements
  • Transparent Huge Pages and Memory compaction
  • Cgroups improvements
  • Linux Containers
  • OCFS2 improvements
  • Updated Device Drivers
For more information, please see the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel Release 2 features and benefits document and consult the release notes for more For installation instructions, check out the Getting Started with the Unbreakable Enterprise Kernel installation guide on the Oracle Technology Network.


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