#Censorship - Pastebin Cracking Down Hackers Post

#Censorship - Pastebin Cracking Down Hacker's Post 
After years of use and abuse by hackers, Pastebin is taking a stand by vowing to purge improper use from its servers. The site was originally created in 2002 to host small amounts of text and was intended for programmers looking to store bits of code and configuration information. More recently, the site has been attracting activity from hacker collectives like Anonymous and LulzSec. These hackers have used Pastebin for more dubious and often illegal purposes, including the dumping of personal information, passwords, and credit card details. The data dumps are then linked to Pastebin and promoted on Twitter.
Hacktivists have also used the site to test out the effectiveness of distributed denial of service (DDoS) mechanisms that are designed to take down a website. After seeing so many drama finally 28 year-old Jeroen Vader, the owner of Pastebin says he plans to hire more staff to help remove “sensitive information” posted to the site. Pastebin, which has over 200,000 members as of this weekend and 17 million unique visitors per month, is the de facto choice for hackers who want to publicly post data they have stolen from their targets. Hacker pastes ranges from something simple, like a list of sites that have been hacked, to very detailed information, including administrator credentials for website servers, credit card numbers, phone numbers, e-mail addresses with corresponding passwords, and even home addresses. Pastebin currently relies on an abuse report system, which gets 1,200 warnings a day. It’s not keeping up, so it’s about to get some more manpower. In his interview Vader said :-
I am looking to hire some extra people soon to monitor more of the website’s content, not just the items that are reported. Hopefully this will increase the speed in which we can remove sensitive information. This will give us more time to look at trending items in detail if they haven’t been reported yet. Often articles contain a lot of information, and part of that can be a person’s details. This does not mean straight away that it should be removed. Reading all those items, and determining which ones are hurtful, and which ones aren’t, requires a lot of time. That’s why we rely on the abuse report system at the moment. But there are plans to improve on this. 
Hacktivist Anonymous did maximum criticism of this step taken by Pastebin. The YourAnonNews Twitter account summarizes the group’s stance quite succinctly: Srsly Pastebin, f*** you - @Pastebin to hire staff to tackle hackers’ ’sensitive’ posts | http://bit.ly/HixoFQ All aboard the Censor Ship!
For its part, Pastebin is reportedly trying to calm everyone down. Here’s what a Pastebin admin reportedly posted on the Anonymous Central Tumblr: Hey guys, I’m from Pastebin.com and would like to speak to someone from @anonops via email. Could someone email admin@pastebin.com please? Would like to set some stuff straight, as a lot of news sites are reporting false stories now about how Pastebin is against Anonymous all the sudden.

-Source (ZDNet & RedOrbit)


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