Flashback Botnet Originated From Hacked & Malware-rigged WordPress Sites -Said Researchers

Flashback Botnet Originated From Hacked & Malware-rigged WordPress Sites -Said Researchers

Massive Flashback botnet that hit more than 60K Mac PC world wide originated from hacked and malware-rigged WordPress blog sites. Researchers figure out there were between 30,000 and 100,000 WordPress sites infected in late February and early March, 85% of which are in the United States.
Kaspersky Lab researchers say the infected WordPress blog sites were rigged with code that silently redirected visitors to a malicious server. "When the connection was made to the malicious server, that server would determine which OS was running and serve exploits accordingly," says Roel Schouwenberg, senior researcher for Kaspersky. It was a pay-per-install scheme to spread malware, including the Flashback Trojan.
Most researchers say a gradual decline in machines infected by the Trojan is still underway: As of Thursday, there were about 140,000 infected Macs still out there, according to Symantec, and Kaspersky says it sees only about 30,629 Flashback-infected bots in its sinkhole. Still on the horizon, too, is the possibility of a Flashback comeback, with the command-and-control servers sending their bots updates. "We are watching the command-and-control domains used to control this botnet for any updates ... We haven't seen any new updates being delivered," said Liam O Murchu, manager of operations for Symantec Security Response. "Flashback generates new domains every day, which shows us the attackers have probably written malicious code before. They are aware that their botnet could be taken down with a single domain, so they generate a new one every day." To see the full story click here

Earlier also Mac users faced such attacks when mac Trojan OSX.SabPub was spreading through Java exploits In 2011 we have also seen OSX/Revir-B trojan was installed behind a PDF, and giving hackers remote access to MAC computers, not only Revier-B also Linux Tsunami trojan Called "Kaiten" targeted Mac OS users in 2011. Also another malware named "Devil Robber" which was also make MAC users victim while stealing their personal informations.


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