Govt Sites, DBM, Radio Network & Universities of Philippine Hacked By Chinese Hackers

Govt Sites, DBM, Radio Network & Universities of Philippine Hacked By Chinese Hackers

Chinese hackers plan to attack more Philippine government websites, according to their discussions on the Internet.  An online forum of Chinese hackers belonging to the "Silic Group" tagged the Philippine Institute of Development Studies (PIDS) and Bulacan provincial government websites that are next in their firing line.
One forum user even posted usernames and passwords of Bulacan provincial government website administrators. The Bulacan website remained intact as of 8 p.m. Wednesday. Its log-in page for administrators has a time-lock security feature that prevents people logging in outside regular office hours. On Wednesday night, a purported hacker from China claiming to be a member of the "Honker Union" also published on Facebook the alleged usernames and passwords of administrators of websites belonging to Radio Mindanao Network (, the University of the Philippines College of Arts and Letters (, and the People Management Association of the Philippines ( The website of the Philippine National Police ( also seemed to be in error  as it showed only a raw index page. However it was not confirmed if the police website has been hacked.
An administrator of the Chinese hackers' forum at also boasted about "first-hand" details about the attack that crippled the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) website on Wednesday afternoon. The message indicated that those who defaced the DBM website are the same ones who attacked the Vietnamese government's website, The hackers allegedly discussed their attack on the DBM website in a chat hub for several minutes.
Details about the DBM server webshell address, administrator and publisher accounts were posted online. While the Philippine government has yet to publish full details about the DBM attack, the Chinese hackers apparently turned the DBM website into a chat room. The hackers also post racist comments  in  the forum, referring to Filipinos as "maids who are going up against the Chinese government."

-Source (ABS-CBN News)


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