Samsung TV & BD Systems are Vulnerable to DoS & Remote Administration

Samsung TV & BD Systems are Vulnerable to DoS & Remote Administration 

The most recent bug, found in a wide range of high-definition TVs from Samsung, was disclosed on Thursday. Luigi Auriemma an Italy-based researcher who regularly finds security flaws in Microsoft Windows, video games, and so on. While poking around a Samsung D6000 model belonging to his brother, he inadvertently discovered a way to remotely send the TV into an endless restart mode that persists even after unplugging the device and turning it back on.
Vulnerability Description:-
All the current Samsung TV and BD systems can be controlled remotely via iPad, Android and other software/devices supporting the protocol used on TCP port 55000
The vulnerabilities require only the Ethernet/wi-fi network connected to be exploited so anyone with access to that network can do it. I have not tested if there are limitations on Internet or in big WANs. The remote controller feature is enabled by default like all the other services (over 40 TCP ports opened on the TV).
When the controller packet is received on the device it displays a message on the screen for telling the user that a new "remote" device has been found and he must select "allow" or "deny" to continue. The message includes also the name and MAC address specified in the received packet, they are just normal strings (there is even a field containing the IP address for unknown reasons). For additional information click here
"It wasn't even planned," Auriemma told Ars, referring to the most damaging of his two attacks, which rendered the device useless for three days, until he finally found a way to restore it to normal operation. "I wanted only to show a message on the TV when my brother was watching it. He selected the 'deny' choice and boom."

The TV was connected by ethernet cable to a home network, so Auriemma thought it would be funny to use a computer connected to the same network to send it a message that contained a series of custom headers. Without warning, the TV spiraled into an endless loop of restarts. For about five seconds, the device would appear to work correctly, but then would stop responding to commands entered by remote control or through the panel. A few seconds later, the TV would restart and repeat the process. Unplugging the power cord or ethernet cable did nothing. Auriemma had just stumbled upon a crippling denial-of-service attack.

Auriemma said he sees no reason the attack couldn't be carried out over the Internet if the TV had a public IP address and used no filters. His discovery came two weeks after a separate researcher reported a DoS vulnerability in Sony Bravia TVs. Using the publicly available hping networking tool, Gabriel Menezes Nunes said he was able to seriously disrupt its operation.


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