Selena Gomez Facebook Hacker Sentenced To One Year in Prison

Selena Gomez Facebook Hacker Sentenced To One Year in Prison

A British hacker has been sentenced to one year in prison after he admitted to hacking singer-actress Selena Gomez's Facebook account and illegally accessing the  emails. According to the London's Metropolitan Police - Gareth Crosskey, 21, was jailed on Wednesday for an incident in January 2011, when he hacked into an unnamed American's Facebook profile. 
Crosskey was arrested at his home in West Sussex, a coastal county in south of London. Law-enforcement agents removed computers and other storage devices from his home during the raid. A YouTube video detailing the account takeover was allegedly posted by Crosskey, using the hacker handle "PkinJ0r." The video shows someone gaining control of Gomez's Facebook page and entering text into various fields.
However, none of the new information is saved, and the maker of the video writes in one field as he films, "I won't actually be posting anything ... Due to it's her page and I'm not that much of a [jerk]."
The video maker made one telling error, which may have led to Crosskey's arrest.
Following the breach, which was reported to the FBI, Crosskey was released on bail. The FBI traced Crosskey's Facebook hack to the U.K, and on Feb. 29, he was brought back to court, where he pleaded guilty to two counts of illegally accessing data, both violations of the Computer Misuse Act.
British police stressed that Crosskey's jail term should serve as a warning that authorities will take swift action, and levy strong penalties, against anyone who follows in his footsteps. 
We would like to give you reminder that this year Young Pop Star & Gomez's husband Justin Bieber's twitter account also get compromised 

-Source (msnbc & msn)


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