HP Training Center Official Website Hacked & Defaced

HP Training Center Official Website Hacked & Defaced 
Official website of Hewlett Packard Training center also known as HP training center get hacked. Here again well-known Pakistani hacker known to as 'Hitcher' from a hacker collective group named Pak Cyber Force (PCF) took responsibility of this hack. His last hack take down the official website of NIOS, and here also he followed the same mechanism & that is in-spite of having full privilege on the HP server, the hacker did not harm the main index. He just uploaded his deface page as shown in the above picture. This hack also compromised three sub-domain of HP among them there are Designjet - Sales Training and Development Center, HP Indigo Training Center & one more. As expected Hitcher has also created deface mirror on Zone-HackThis cyber attack took place yesterday & still the deface page uploaded by the hacker exist on the web-server. Such kind of carelessness or irresponsibility is not at all expected from a company like HP. Hitcher is widely known for defacing high profile websites, his last few high profile hack was Bank of Punjab, Kingfisher AirlinesCentral Statistical Agency of Ethiopia & 100+ Chinese Govt Websites. The hacker's message on the deface page is clearly indicating that the hack was motivated due the cause of Palestine. Though it is not clear that why he targeted HP, because there is no relation between HP and the inhuman torture in Palestine. 

Message of the Hacker:- 
"Free Palestine . . . We will not go down..Freedom is our goal. .// End the Occupation. . . . .
You the Zionist Government of Israel have been murdering thousands and thousands of innocent Palestinian people for years and enough is enough! The land you call Israel is occupied illegally and is not and will never be yours and the fight to free the Palestinian people and their land from your evil clutches will continue! You continue to try and play the victim in all this bloodshed, yet we have all seen and know you are the murderers, suppressors, rapists and terrorists in this bloody war!
You have NO Israeli culture, NO history in Gaza, nor in the West Bank or in Great Palestine. The only history you the Zionist Terrorist Israel are leaving for your future children is of BLOODSHED, TEARS and LOSS OF LIFE and that is not something to be proud of. To call the land you illegally occupy "Israel" is not only misguided, it is tragic and leaves a very foul taste in the mouths of millions of people who stand against you.
Israel your idea of the peace process is surrender or war and we will not surrender! This is not a war against race, religion nor sex, but a fight against the suppression, murders, and rapes of millions of Palestinians that occurs on a daily basis by you the Zionists. 
To the people of Palestine we have not forgotten you, nor will we ever forget you and as long as we are still breathing we will continue to grow stronger and will fight for your freedom!


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