Google Pakistan Hacked & Defaced By Turkish Hacker

Google Pakistan Along With Microsoft  HP, HSBC, Apple, PayPal, Blogspot Hacked & Defaced By Turkish Hacker

Today was most probably the worst day in the history of Pakistan cyber space. Ten big domains of Pakistan has been stroked very badly. Many of you are guessing that it was Indian hackers who cost this damage. But in reality the attack was not generated from India, Bangladesh or such any other native countries,  but it was a Turkish hacker who have reportedly taken down the home and search page of Google Pakistan while leaving an image of two penguins walking across a bridge for million of users. I think now you got that, yes it was Google Pakistan which has been hacked and defaced by a Turkey hacker code named "KriptekS". In the deface page the hacker left several messages in Turkish language, the translation of the text, written on the website, is: "eboz. My homies in a friend always there for me. Have not shot by me with every breath." Also the hacker left a message saying "Pakistan Downed" which is indicating that the home page of Google Pakistan is indeed take down. According to deface mirror on Zone-H, the attack took place around 02:17 in the afternoon, but still, when I am writing this article, the home page of Google Pakistan is still offline. 
May be you are thinking that the story is over, but no; as I told earlier it was the worst day for Pakistani cyber fence, trust me indeed it was. As along with Google, KriptekS, the Turkish hacker also targeted Pakistani domain of Blogger, HSBC, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Paypal, Microsoft, HP & Apple. Also it has been reported that Pakistani domain of Sony, Yahoo & Windows has also been allegedly hacked. And all those hacked domains are still offline. 

List of Hacked Sites:-

Deface Mirrors:-

While talking about this dangerous cyber attack, we would like to remind you that few days ago couple of Pakistani hackers defaced several big Israeli domains including MSN, Bing, Live, Skype, Microsoft Store, BBC, CNN, Coca-Colla, XBOX, Windows, Intel, Philips, Israeli Parliament, Citi Bank and so on. Whether it is not clear that this attack on Pakistan has nay relation with that attack on Israel. But what we can say is that "KriptekS" exactly followed the same path, which Pak hackers shown the world few days ago. 


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