PSN Hacked Again By Anonymous! 10 Million Users Affected [Sony Denis The Hack]

PSN Hacked Again By Anonymous! 10 Million Users Affected [Sony Denis The Hack]

Oh! no again Sony Play Station Network faced cyber attack. Guess who was behind this??? Yes this time also hacker collective Anonymous have breached the PSN and stolen more than ten million account details (Email-id & encrypted passwords). Anonymous announced the hack on its Twitter account on Wednesday (though that tweet has since been removed). 

That tweet has claimed that yet again Anonymous have broken into PlayStation Network and has a 50 gigabyte database of email accounts and their passwords – this would put more than ten million accounts at risk. This would be a huge blow to Sony if Anonymous has in fact completed a successful PSN hack and PlayStation Network breach. If PSN has been breached millions of users personal information, including credit cards, would be in the hands of potentially malicious users.
However note that Sony completely denies the hack. The official twitter account of PSN says- "We can confirm that the recent claim that PSN was illegally hacked & that customer PWs and email addresses were accessed is completely false".

According to Kotaku reports that the list in the Pastebin doc is a copy of a seemingly unrelated list of email addresses from March 2012, called "Email accs! // universe security sucks." The PSN hack, in other words, appears to be a rumor that didn't turn out to be true.But still we have to wait for Sony's official response about the whole matter. 
Since last year the battle between hacktivist Anonymous, Lulzsec and Sony is running. Hackers have penetrated Sony's PSN network and stolen millions of user personal information. Later Sony was forced to shutdown its entire network & apologized for the whole massacre. Not only PSN, also Sony Online Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Several Sony's official website from different countries fallen victim to the hackers. 


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