Former Anonymous Spokesman Barrett Brown Arrested in Texas

Former Anonymous Spokesman Barrett Brown Arrested in Texas After Threatening FBI Agent

Barrett Brown, former spokesman and leader of infamous hacker collective Anonymous was arrested by authorities in Dallas. This arrest took place on Wednesday just hours after he posted a YouTube video in which he appeared to threaten an FBI agent for allegedly harassing his mother. Brown was arrested shortly before 11 p.m. and turned over to FBI custody, according to Carmen Castro, a spokeswoman for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office. Castro could not say what he had been charged with. Brown's attorney, Jay Leiderman, told the press that his client was charged with making threats to a federal agent.  
In immediate response Anonymous on Thursday,  released a statement on Pastie detailing what it claimed were credit card numbers, addresses and phone numbers of 13 federal government employees. On Twitter, the hacker group said the release of the information was in retaliation for Brown's arrest, calling him “our controversial hated/loved friend.”  But it seems that, these protest cant make any difference to Barrett Brown's future. We would like to remind you that in middle of last year Brown officially broke all his attachment with Anonymous. But still he has been under the eye of law enforcement for some time and In March, Brown’s home was raided by the FBI, which confiscated his laptop, when authorities revealed that Hector Xavier Monsegur was the person behind Sabu, the colorful leader of LulzSecurity, an offshoot of Anonymous. Brown has been faulted by many members of Anonymous for using his real name and for being quoted as a representative of the group, which prides itself on being loosely knit and having no clear leaders. He is best known for threatening to hack into the computers of the Zetas, one of Mexico's deadly drug trafficking cartels. Brown did not immediately return a message left on his cell phone on Thursday. Several websites posted what they said was video of Brown conducting a web chat as officers arrived, yelling "get your hands up!"

-Source (CNBC & Huffington Post)


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