The Hacker News [THN] Hacked Pakistani Hacker Shadow008 Claimed Responsibility

The Hacker News [THN] Hacked Pakistani Hacker Shadow008 Claimed Responsibility 

After remaining silent for a long time infamous Pakistani hacker code-named from Shadow008 Pak Cyber Army (PCA) strikes again. This time he targeted famous security news blog -The Hacker News. Shadow008 has claimed to hack and deface one of the sub-domain of The Hacker News. The hacker created a deface mirror on Zone-H, which clearly showing that was hacked. But the mirror in still not verified, and also the sub-domain which the hacker claimed to breach is not opening. The Hacker News authority has yet not confirmed anything about the breach. Earlier in 2011 another Pakistani hackers group named Pakleets had hacked which was one of the site of The Hacker News Owner, Mr. Mohit Kumar. After one year, another attack on Mohit Kumar's site is indicating that hackers from Pakistan are bit disappointed of THN or Mohit Kumar. Also the message on deface page is stating the same picture 

"TheHackerNews b0xed By Shadow008 xD
Also a small message for Admin of TheHackerNews, Why Wont you submit our Pakistani Hackers News When Ever We Submit ? 
Always Be = With Everyone. 
Just like You are with Indian's !

VOGH Reaction:- Being a cyber security media, we Team VOGH are very much disappointed & and unhappy after this phenomena. We do maximum criticize of this attack. As per our information this the first time, when a hacker targeted hacker news blog, which is not at all  expected. The main aim of cyber security media, like us is to stand for hackers and spread their message. But if hackers started to attack their own medias then, definitely a big doubt about hacker's unity arises. We urges all our friends and readers to maintain the unity, expect hitting each other for publicity.  

Update:- The Hacker News authority just confirmed the breach, in the facebook profile Hacker News owner, Moit Kumar said "Okay ! So Paki Hackers use my unused subdomain DNS entry to park a site on blogger and put some message for me.." So now there is no doubt that, indeed Shadow008 has hacked & defaced the sub-domain of Hacker News


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