Anonymous Say They've Track down Amanda Todd’s Tormentor & Publishes Online

Anonymous Say They've Track down Amanda Todd’s Tormentor & Publishes Online 

Everyday we are increasing cyber security, to stand against any sort of cyber harassment and attacks. But still its very unfortunate to say that the whole system failed to protect a teenager named Amanda Todd from Canada. She has been fallen a victim of cyber bullying, 15-year-old Amanda, described with the aid of a series of flashcards - the horrific treatment she had received at the hands of bullies in her video entitled "My Story: Struggling, bullying, suicide and self harm". Amanda was bullied viciously on Facebook where her schoolmates were invited to join a page which included topless photographs of her, causing Amanda to suffer from anxiety and depression.
Despite her family moving house and her changing schools, the bullying continued and Amanda fell into drug-taking and alcohol.  After a violent encounter with another girl, Amanda drank bleach and attempted to kill herself. "It killed me inside and I thought I actually was going to die." Amanda admitted in the video that she had deliberately cut herself, and ends the movie by holding a card which reads: "I have nobody. I need someone. My name is Amanda Todd." Finally after facing so many horrific treatment, she committed suicide. on 10th of October, it was just one week before her 16th birthday.

Here is the video, where Amanda tried to describe what she faced:- 
Amanda's tragic death has stirred a national debate about cyberbullying, but the sad story has now developed a new twist, when hacker collective group Anonymous claimed that hey have tracked down a man they say is Amanda Todd’s tormenter. The hacktivists say they have found a man in his early 30s from New Westminster, B.C., who allegedly blackmailed the 15-year-old girl for pictures over the Internet. In their move Anonymous have published a video (later removed by YouTube) and documents on pastebin, naming the person that they believe to have allegedly relentlessly harrassed Amanda Todd. 

Police told The Canadian Press they were aware of the Anonymous claim. “I'm not going to speak to anything beyond the fact that we are aware of what has been put on social media in regards to that name,” said Sgt. Peter Thiessen, spokesman for the RCMP. Amanda’s mother, Carol Todd, has said police have been investigating leads about the Web stalker. “Police investigated and investigated, it got traced to somebody in the United States,” Carol Todd was quoted saying by the press. “But they never found him. Those people are very good at hiding their tracks.”

-Source (Naked Security & thestar) 


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