Mozilla Fixed Cross Site Ccripting (XSS) Flaws & Released Firefox Version 16.0.2

Mozilla Fixed Cross Site Ccripting (XSS) Flaws & Released Firefox Version 16.0.2

Serious security hole in Mozilla Firefox has been fixed. Mozilla has announced availability of Firefox version 16.0.2, an emergency update to address a serious flaw in the way the browser treats the LocationObject. According to the advisory, successful exploitation of this flaw can result in cross site scripting or code execution. The bug was first discovered by security researcher Mariusz Mlynski, which  forced Mozilla developers to release the third emergency fix in a month since the introduction of version 16 of the popular browser. According to the Security Advisories of Mozilla Foundation -Mozilla has fixed a number of issues related to the Location object in order to enhance overall security. With Firefox 16.0.2 also the security bug in Firefox ESR 10.0.10, Thunderbird 16.0.2, Thunderbird ESR 10.0.10 & SeaMonkey 2.13.2 has been fixed. Security researcher Mariusz Mlynski reported that the true value of window.location could be shadowed by user content through the use of the valueOf method, which can be combined with some plugins to perform a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack on users. There is also the possibility of gaining arbitrary code execution if the attacker can take advantage of an add-on that interacts with the page content. Security researcher Antoine Delignat-Lavaud of the PROSECCO research team at INRIA Paris reported the ability to use property injection by prototype to bypass security wrapper protections on the Location object, allowing the cross-origin reading of the Location object. Users running older versions of Firefox are advised to update immediately using the auto-update feature built into the browser.


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