"Project Blackstar" Team Ghostshell Leaks 2.5 Million Records From Russian Govt & Individual

"Project Blackstar" Team Ghostshell Leaks 2.5 Million Records From Russian Govt & Individual 

A hacker group calling them selves "Team Ghostshell" who was recently behind the attack several top universities called an open operation declaring war on Russia's cyberspace. The operation is dubbed “Project Blackstar”. In the first phase of the operation  the hacking collective Team Ghostshell posted approximately 2.5 million accounts/records leaked, from governmental, educational, academical, political, law enforcement, telecom, research institutes, medical facilities, large corporations (both national and international branches) in such fields as energy, petroleum, banks, dealerships and many more. The hacker group also claimed to have access "to more russian files than the FSB and we are very much  eager to prove it." - said Ghostshell. The rest of the Pastebin post goes on to call out the Russian government and is littered with references to corruption, capitalism and social injustice. Judging by some of the records released, the Russian Police, along with Novatek, Russia's largest independent natural gas producer, the Alfa Group, an investment consortium and JINR, the country’s Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, all appear to have been implicated in the alleged leak. Some records appear to include individuals’ usernames and passwords while other documents almost read like resumes, complete with individuals’ names, IP addresses, education and job history.
Above I have discussed the last hack by Team Ghostshell where they had published 120,000 records from some of the world’s top universities. That leak, dubbed “Project WestWind,” sought to “raise awareness towards the changes made in today’s education,“ spilling student and faculty email addresses, passwords and IDs. Now this “Project Blackstar” with a leak of 2.5 million records from several Russian cyber space,  again arising a big doubt, that how much secure our cyber world is? 


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