Master Card Blog Hacked & defaced By Syrian Electronic Army

Master Card Payments Perspectives Blog Hacked & defaced By Syrian Electronic Army

It's became a very common scenario that hackers targets banks, payment gateway and other financial sectors. Sites like Paypal, Visa, Master Card were among those common victims who used to face massive round of cyber attacks. Past two years hacktivist managed to interrupt the service of those websites many times. Here also in the beginning of 2013 almost same situation took place, when the official blog of Master Card get hacked and defaced.  It was the Saturday evening when a hackers collective group named "Syrian Electronic Army" managed to breach and get access inside Master Card blog. I am sure that all our readers will be shocked after hearing the way of intrusion. In the platform of the blog, Master Card was using an older version of WordPress (Ver. 3.3.2) which has several critical vulnerabilities like XSS, file uploading, CSRF and so on. Exploiting those loopholes the hacker managed to get access inside the blog and defaced one of the page of the giant in international financial services company's blog. Though WordPress have released a security patch and also version 3.5, but it's quite unfortunate and shocking that Master Card did not even patched their older version for which their system get penetrated. It is truly unbelievable that sites like Master Card is so careless about basic security and counter measure of cyber attack. According to sources Syrian Electronic Army used  the CSRF exploit of WordPress which is said to be available on the Internet and allows an attacker to add a new administration user. This is a possible explanation of how the Syrian Electronic Army managed to hack and deface the blog. After this incident occurs Master Card immediately updated the version of WP and closed those back doors. Still the the defaced and cached version of the  blog can be viewed on Google’s Web Cache


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