NASA Sub-domain is Vulnerable Allowing Information Disclosure

NASA Sub-domain is Vulnerable Allowing Serious Information Disclosure

National Aeronautics and Space Administration, widely known as NASA used to fascinate the hackers to come and breach its security system. Many of our readers may be astonished after reading the above lines, but its a fact and history is the witness of that. So far NASA have been targeted several times, where hackers have figured out vulnerability and penetrated the digital security. Yet again same thing happened to NASA, when an ethical hacker from India going by the name of "Zero Cool" find out serious loopholes in one of the sub-domain of NASA, which could lead sensitive information disclosure. The hacker shared a vulnerability report with us, where he has shown that, exploiting the vulnerability one malicious attacker can easily extract lots of confidential data from NASA server, such as source code of various programs (used by NASA), current project information, future research paper, topological graph, license information, several executable files, .dll files, private application software & it's source codes, employ details and many more highly confidential or in other word "Top Secrete" data and files. For security and privacy purpose we are not disclosing those vulnerable links, but exclusively for VOGH readers we are sharing few images to justify the fact. 

This vulnerability report has already been submitted to NASA, and as expected they immediately reacted and promised to path those loopholes with immediate effect. While talking about the ethical hacker "Zero" we would like to remind you that, before this NASA vulnerability disclosure, he exposed several vulnerabilities among many major and high profile websites such as FacebookReebok,Indiagames, mtv, lapdonline, UNESCO, Toshiba,, Novell.comMicrosoft Store India, several Pakistani  and Bangladeshi Govt websites and many more.  


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