Anonymous & RedHack Breached Israeli Intelligence Agency 'Mossad' Leaked Personal Data of 35K Officials

AnonymousRedHack Breached Israeli Intelligence Agency 'Mossad' Claimed to Have Personal Data of 35K Officials (#OpIsrael)

A week ago infamous hacker collective group Anonymous called for Operation Israel (#OpIsrael) second phase, where they vows to engage massive cyber attack against Israeli cyberspace in order to interrupt all the necessary service, which the hacker called a complete outage. The main phase of attack was planned at 7th April, but now it looks that those hacker collectives changed their strategy, or may be they can't wait till April, and as result anti-Israel hacking collective affiliated with Anonymous managed to breach several Israeli government servers, causing a big data leak of more than 35,000 Israeli government officials, including politicians, military leaders, and police officers. The hack was done under the banner of #OpIsrael, and from the twitter feed of Anonymous, the hacker group took responsibility of the cyber attack. A comprehensive spreadsheet purporting to include the information of all 35,000 Israeli officials was published by the website Cryptome, though it did not independently verify the information. The coalition of hackers appears to have ties to the Iranian government, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, and the terror group Hezbollah, according to a report published by Cryptome. 
In our last report on this story we covered that, the attack will be organized as Anon ask other hackers and other underground communities to join the campaign. As expected, it happens; RedHack, a Turkey-based Marxist hacker group responded to Anonymous and they claimed to breach Israeli intelligence agency known as 'Mossad.' RedHack claimed to gain access inside Mossad's server; which lead them release personal information including phone numbers, emails and addresses of Mossad officials"Yes, we realize we are sailing in dangerous water but we like swimming,” said hackers of RedHack. From a report of RT we came to know that not only data breach but also hackers performed massive denial of service attack against Mossad. In spite of RedHack’s claims, some argue that the names and information do not belong to Mossad officers or informants. 
“Whatever they stole, it probably wasn’t secure details of top Israeli brass, either from the army or the Mossad,” internet researcher Dr. Tal Pavel told the media. “There is no doubt that they got some identification information about Israelis, but the claims that they hacked the Mossad site and got a list of Mossad agents is most likely psychological warfare, and not a hack into an important database,” Pavel added. 
Whether those leaks are not that classified, whether those data does not belongs to Mossad, but one thing is clear and that is in-spite of having precaution, Israel government yet again failed to protect themselves from massive attack which caused a massacre. And from this story it is also predictable that hackers around the globe came under one shade or one unity, in order to target Israel over Gaza issue. As 7th April is still a week away from today so lets wait for the time, and stay tuned with VOGH to get all the latest update on this story and also other cyber issues.


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