(#OpFreeKorea) Anonymous Breached Uriminzokkiri, Stolen 15k User Data & Hijacked Twitter, Flickr Account

Anonymous Breached Uriminzokkiri.com, Stolen 15K User Data & Hijacked Twitter, Flickr Account (#OpFreeKorea)

Anonymous the most organized and infamous hacktivist group of the world have targeted the cyber fence of North Korea, and the hacking campaign started with the hack of propaganda site Uriminzokkiri.com. The attack had been executed in different steps, first the hacker group calling them selves 'Anonymous Korea' managed to gain access inside Uriminzokkiri and claimed to have stolen more than 15,000 user data (including the names, email addresses, passwords and dates of birth & many more) and later they defaced the website. Uriminzokkiri's main site was offline till Thursday morning. Not only the data breach and defacement, Anonymous affiliated hackers continued their chariots of cyber attack, which then hit the official twitter and Flickr account belongs to Uriminzokkiri. Both the twitter feed and flickr photos have been replaced by the hacker group with anti-North Korea messages. In their message Anonymous boldly demanded that Kim Jong-Un resign and installs free democracy in North Korea while saying Kim Jong as "threatening world peace." Meanwhile Uriminzokkiri's official Twitter account picture had been changed to show two mask-wearing dancers, alongside the legend "Tango Down" and links to hacked companion sites as follows: Hacked uriminzokkiri.com, uriminzokkiri.com/itv, ryugyongclip.com
Notably the hackers posted a cartoon wanted poster of Kim Jong Un – "aka Nuke Nuke Mickey Lover" – with a list of his alleged crimes, including "threatening world peace with ICBMs and nuclear weapons," "wasting money while his people starve to death," and "concentration camps and the worst human rights violation in the world."

The entire cyber attack was done under the banner of Operation Free Korea also dubbed #OpFreeKorea. Hackers from Anonymous vows the North Korean government while claiming to have access to the country’s local intranets, mail servers and web servers. Anonymous hackers claimed to have taken five of the country’s websites offline over the weekend. "We are inside your local intranets, we are inside your mail servers, we are inside your web servers." said the twitter feed of Anonymous Korea. From one of the relevant source of Anonymous it is confirmed that the next activity for the Anonymous #OpFreeKorea campaign is slated as happening on April 19. 

#OpFreeKorea Press Release of Anonymous:-

Hello, citizens of the world.
We are Anonymous
North Korean government is increasingly becoming a threat to peace and freedom.
Don't misunderstand us: As well we disagree with the USA government too - these guys are crooks,
USA is a threat to world peace too, and direct democracy (or any kind of democracy) doesn't exist
there. The American government is a target and enemy of Anonymous as well!
This is not about country vs country - This is about we, the people, the 99% (of USA and of North
Korea) vs oppressing and violent regimes (like USA gov. and N.K. gov)!
We, the people, are gathering together because we are stronger now and we won't fight your wars
anymore, we won't eat your shit anymore!!!
We demand:
- N.K. government to stop making nukes and nuke-threats
- Kim Jong-un to resign
- it's time to install a free direct democracy in North Korea
- uncensored internet access for all the citizens!

Brief About Uriminzokkiri: Uriminzokkiri ("Our Nation") is based in China, but publishes news and propaganda from North Korea's state media and is considered one of Pyongyang's primary online mouthpieces. 


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