#OpIsrael Continues: KHS & MLA Hacked Several Israeli Govt Websites & Leaked Sensitive Data

Muslim Liberation Army (MLA) & Kosova Hacker Security (KHS) Joins Operation Isreal & Hacked Several Israeli Govt Websites & Leaked Sensitive Data

Operation Israel the devastating hacking rampage continues and becoming more and more venturesome for the Israeli cyber space. In the last week of March, it was dangerous hacker collective group Anonymous who called the operation also dubbed #OpIsrael, where the hacker group vows to erase Israel from the Internet. And as expected this is happening, the first quake came from Turkey-based Marxist hacker group named RedHack and Anonymous, where they targeted Israeli intelligence agency Mossad and breached personal data of 35K officials. Operation Israel, was not among those typical rampage of Anonymous, here Anon called other hackers from different part of of the spectrum to join. First it was RedHack who responded, and now the Muslim Liberation Army lead by Pakistani hacker Hitcher, along with Kosova Hacker's Security & few other Albanian hacker's community joined #OpIsrael
Yesterday it was Hitcher from Muslim Liberation Army (MLA) who targeted Israel’s Ministry of National Infrastructures (MNI). The hacker managed to breach the server of Israel Ministry and defaced several website belongs to Israel Ministry of Infrastructures. The attack took place at yesterday late night, but still at the time of writing the news, several Israel MNI websites are not performing. Not only MNI, as per sources several other high profile and Israeli government sites have also been taken down in this round attack. While covering this hack of Hitcher, we must have to recap the previous hack of  Pakistan hackers who are constantly against Israel (for Gaza issue) causing massive cyber attack against leading IT industry of Israel and other high profile Israeli sites. Just a couple of months ago, the world seen what it call the black day in the history if Israeli cyber space where another Pak hackers community hacked the main domain controller of Israel, which causes a massive hack against almost all the big Israeli sites such as government, MSN, Bing, Live, Skype, Microsoft Store, BBC, CNN, Coca-Colla, XBOX, Windows, Intel & many more. 

During the hacking rampage, Hitcher delivered the following message - 
“We are outraged at the Palestine present condition and the Illegal occupation of Palestinian Land By the Zionist Israelis. This attack is in response to the Injustice against the Palestinian people. Occupied Palestinian land under the guise of residential settlements are being increased. Palestinians are deprived of their basic human rights. International Aid workers are stopped from providing any humanitarian assistance to the people. The International community and media is not allowed to bring facts to world as due to strict restrictions” 

On the other hand, Kosova Hacker's Security along with few other Albanian hacker's community performed, what it called a demolishing cyber attack, that caused huge damage to the Israeli cyber space. During the attack Kosova Hacker's Security also known as KHS hit several important Israeli government & commercial websites such as  Civil Aviation Authority, Israel Police, Ministry of Health and many more. KHS caused damage to those websites, not by doing defacement by causing data leak. KHS hacked and exposed thousands of sensitive data, including full name, email-id, passwords and other confidential information of those said Israeli websites. All those leaked data have been made available by the hackers in a website called pentagoncrew.com All those hacks have been performed under the banner of Operation Israel also dubbed #OpIsrael for the cause of GazaFor instance, here we can recap the hack of Kosova Hackers Security (KHS) where they hacked and exposed personal data of 35,000 Israeli people. 

At conclusion, we want to say that, at the time when Anonymous first called Operation IsraelIsraeli government presumed that they have taken the threat very seriously and from the government end it has been  stated that they will take almost every steps to avoid any kind of disaster. Now after observing the above scenario it is clear that Israel Government have completely failed to protect their cyber space, in spite of having precaution. Also another thing get spot light, that is different hackers community have already came under a single shade in order to hit Israel against Gaza & Palestine issue. Today is the historical 7th April, I mean the day which Anonymous promised to erase Israel from the Internet. So the clock is running, lets see what more is about to come.  for the time stay tuned with VOGH to get all the latest update on this story and also other cyber issues. 


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