Cupid Media Network Breach Exposes 42 Million Passwords in Plain Text

Cupid Media Network Breach Exposes 42 Million Passwords in Plain Text (Uunencrypted)

Cupid Media one of the leading niche online dating network that have more than 35 large online dating website, faced a massive intrusion that effects more than 42 million of its registered users. From an exclusive report of Kerbs On Security we came to know that the breach was taken earlier in this year. Where the hackers managed to gain access into the crucial servers belongings to Cupid Media network. According to the managing director of Cupid Media, Mr Andrew Bolton - "In January we detected suspicious activity on our network and based upon the information that we had available at the time, we took what we believed to be appropriate actions to notify affected customers and reset passwords for a particular group of user accounts.” After a preliminary investigation it has been found that the purloined database of Australia-based niche dating service Cupid Media was found on the same server where hackers had amassed tens of millions of records stolen from AdobeMore than 42 million peoples' unencrypted names, dates of birth, email addresses and passwords have been found from the pinched database. I am very much wearied to see that a high value site like Cupid is unconcerned about the basic security counter measure. Even their confidential tables remained unencrypted which allows the hacker to gain the personal information in plain text. Like the Cupid Media security team, the registered users also found very much inadvertent and unaware of basic security measures. I am saying this because of the leaked passwords, almost two million picked "123456", and over 1.2 million chose "111111". "iloveyou" and "lovely" both beat out "password", and while 40,000 chose "qwerty", 20,000 chose the bottom row of the keyboard instead - yielding the password "zxcvbnm"
Jason Hart of famous data protection firm Safenet said "The true impact of the breach is likely to be huge. Yet, if this data had been encrypted in the first place then all hackers would have found is scrambled information, rendering the theft pointless."
This security breach of Cupid Media reminds us  the decent history of breach where we have seen a slew of attacks against the following sites:  Scribd, Guild Wars 2, Gamigo, Blizzard, Yahoo, LinkedIn, eHarmony, Formspring, Android Forums, Gamigo,  Nvidia,Blizzard, Philips, Zynga, VMWare, Adobe,  Twitter,  New York Times, Apple and so on. While covering this story on behalf of VOGH, I am warning our readers across the globe to use strong alphanumeric passwords to avoid such disaster. Also the webmasters and security administrator are highly recommended to use salted encryption in their database to prevent fortuitousness cyber attack


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