DY365 TV -Popular Satellite Channel of Assam, India Hacked

DY365 TV -Popular Satellite Channel of Assam, India Hacked By Dr41DeY (Nigerian Cyber Army )
Hacker going by the alias name of Dr41DeY, from a hackers community named Nigerian Cyber Army strikes again. After his much discussed hack of Pakistan People's Party (PPP), this time also he targeted what it called yet another high profile website of one of the leading 24-hour satellite channel of Assam, India named 'DY365 TV.' While talking with VOGH representative the hacker confirmed that, manipulating some untold vulnerability he managed to gain administrative access into the official website DY365 TV. But this time without tampering data, the hacker just left a message on the home page saying "Hacked By Dr41DeY @Nigerian Cyber Army." Like earlier this time also Dr41DeY created an image archive as a proof of this hack. This attack taken place on the 3rd of December, and after couple of hours of hack, DY365 authorities have responded to the incident and restored their site, and also sources confirmed that the security hole has also been patched. Though this popular Assamese broadcasting channel refuses to give any statement regarding this issue. 

Brief About DY365:- It is a 24-hour satellite channel of Assam, India. DY365 broadcasts news in Assamese, Hindi, Bengali and English language. It was launched on October 30, 2008. DY365 is a unit of Brahmaputra Tele Productions Pvt. Ltd. Manoj Kumar Goswami is the editor-in-chief of the channel. The channel gained popularity is a very short span of time, and now it's recognized as one of the leading channel of North East India. 


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