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Voice of GREYHAT widely known as VOGH is a privately owned organization headquartered in India. It was formed by Mr. Avik Sarkar in April 2011 with just five employees with the propaganda of cyber security-based awareness and knowledge solutions among common internet users. With immense effort, dedication and quality of delivery made VOGH globally recognized as one of the top cyber media. In a very short time Voice Of GREYHAT enlisted them among top the leading resource of Cybersecurity & Hacker news. In VOGH, we propagate news specifically related to Cyber Security, Information Security, Tech Updates & Hacking threads,  and issues from all over the spectrum. Where we collect the most important and valuable news related to hacking, vulnerability, cyber & Information Security. The team VOGH is comprised of a group of technologists who are dedicated to making the internet more secure. Since almost every organization in the modern world is connected to the internet in some way, steps must be taken to ensure that their networks remain safe and secure. In our journey, Voice of GREYHAT became the official media partner with many security giants, VAPT teams, corporate houses and also famous security forums. We already served and promoted companies & events like Innobuzz, Nullcon, Defcon, Hack In Paris, Hacker Halted, EC Council, Global Cyberlympics, Hack9, Pentest Magazine, Blue Kaizen & many more. For the last many years, we have served millions of our readers across the globe. Since 2012 we have expanded our wings, along with cyber media we also offer a wide variety of services that include penetrating testing, network vulnerability assessments, security training, vulnerability assessment product installation & more. Our main aim is to make the Internet safer, more secure, and reliable. We are deeply committed to increasing awareness of common people in the cybersecurity field. We are very proud to have millions of power visitors, fans who used to support, and admire us from the very beginning. Their spontaneous effort and support helped us grow more. We promise you to serve better and better. In short voice of GREYHAT is in me, in you and Voice of GREYHAT is for all.

For general queries, feedback, suggestion & advertising email us info@voiceofgreyhat.com


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