Linux Kernel 3.3 Released With Android Merge, New File Systems & More Security

Linux Kernel 3.3 Released With Android Merge, New File Systems & More Security

After a few of rc release, finally Linus Torvalds has released Linux Kernel 3.3. According to the release note by Torvaldas - " Things did indeed calm down during the last week, and the shortlog looks pretty boring. The diffstat from -rc7 is dominated by the arch/tile defconfig changes, the rest is pretty small, although there are changes spread out in various subsystem s(drivers, filesystem, networking, perf tools)."
Summary:- This release features as the most important change the merge of kernel 
code from the Android project. But there is more, it also includes support for a new 
architecture (TI C6X), much improved balancing and the ability to restripe between 
different RAID profiles in Btrfs, and several network improvements: a virtual switch
implementation (Open vSwitch) designed for virtualization scenarios, a faster and 
more scalable alternative to the "bonding" driver, a configurable limit to the 
transmission queue of the network devices to fight bufferbloat, a network priority 
control group and per-cgroup TCP buffer limits. There are also many small 
features and new drivers and fixes are also available. 
Prominent Features in Linux 3.3:-
  • Android merge
  • Btrfs: restriping between different RAID levels, improved balancing, improved debugging tools
  • Open vSwitch
  • Bufferbloat fighting: Byte queue limits
  • Per-cgroup TCP buffer limits
  • Network priority control group
  • Better ext4 online resizing
  • New architecture: TI C6X
  • EFI boot support
  • Driver and architecture-specific change
  • Memory Management
  • Virtualization
  • Crypto
  • Security
  • Tracing/profiling
    For more information click here & to Download  Linux Kernel 3.3  
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