'Royal Concierge' Secret Program of GCHQ to Spy Foreign Diplomats Through Hotel Bookings Unveiled By Edward Snowden

'Royal Concierge' Secret Program of GCHQ to Spy Foreign Diplomats By Hotel Bookings Unveiled By Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden the American whistle blowers who is currently living in Russia under temporary asylum, after Snowden is considered a fugitive by American authorities who have charged him with espionage and theft of government property  yet again uncovered what it called sensational information. This time he unfold a top secret program of Britain's GCHQ intelligence agency & US National Security Agency (NSA). In which they infiltrated the reservation systems of around 350 luxury hotels popular among diplomats and government officials with the help of a sophisticated program code-named "Royal Concierge" Royal Concierge designed to keeps tabs on foreign diplomats by monitoring their hotel bookings. This can include monitoring a hotel room and its guest by wiretapping the telephone and fax machine, gaining access to computers hooked up to the hotel network, or eavesdropping on the diplomat in the hotel bar. This surveillance program, uses a logo with a penguin -- meant to stand for the black and white uniforms worn by staff at top hotels -- wearing a crown, a purple cape and holding a wand. The top secret program automatically checked whether the e-mail address of a visitor on the hotel booking system matched with the address of his government and with this information the GCHQ could take the necessary steps to bug the concerned hotel room, to tap its telephones or to eavesdrop into the electronic data transfer, the news weekly said. Snowden said GCHQ has been using the search and analyse program for more than three years to track diplomats and government officials among hotel guests. 

The above breathtaking information first came on a German magazine 'Der Spiegel' on Sunday. And this exciting leaks been provided by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden. After this lurid information came to light, press asked questions to GCHQ, in response an official of GCHQ said "We are not going to comment on this report". But the entire conversation with Der Spiegel reporter with GCHQ officials came to the conclusion of GCHQ "neither confirms nor denies the allegation". On th other hand Britain's top spy chiefs reacted angrily to leaks by Snowden, a fugitive former analyst for the US National Security Agency, in an appearance this month before a parliamentary committee. Denying Britons were under mass surveillance, the heads of the foreign spy agency MI6, the domestic intelligence service MI5 and GCHQ warned that al-Qaeda and other enemies were "lapping up" intelligence revelations by Snowden and using them to change the way they operate.

-Source (AFP, News 24)


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