Customs Services of Ukraine Govt Hacked By Anonymous, 1 GB of Classified Data Stolen

Customs Services of Ukraine Government Hacked By Anonymous, 1 GB of Classified Data Stolen
Anonymous -the world largest hacker community, also known as the infamous hacktivist who is widely known for engaging massive cyber attack against several governments strikes again. This time the target was Ukraine Government. According to multiple relevant sources of Anonymous it has been confirmed that the hackers have launched what it called an organised attack against different servers belongs to Ukrainian Government. During this round of cyber attack the main target was the Customs department of Ukraine. In their press release Anonymous took responsibility of performing onerous attack on CUSTOMS.GOV.UA, and caused what it called a voluminous data leak from it. This is the server that is responsible for the Odessa customs and handling of goods in the region of the Danube and Black Sea. From the press release we came to know that voluble of the stolen data is almost of 1GB, which is pointing a finger of sensational information of illegal operations of oil and gas, corruption schemes, bribes, cargo operations and so on. 
Most of the information is reported on the site, concerning the former head of the State Customs Service of Ukraine Ihor Kaletnik , who left the post after being elected deputy to in 2012 by Communist Party of Ukraine. Now Kaletnyk is the Deputy Speaker

Official Release of Anonymous: -

"Ukraine GOV hacked. CUSTOMS of UKRAINE MASSIVE Docs leak.
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + 
Greetings Our Fellow lulz. + 
Time to anchore Our ​​Marie Lulzize in an unstable Harbour + of Odessa in Ukraine. This Great Day We present you 1GB of raw + Data from one of the Servers of CUSTOMS.GOV.UA. To be pricise Ukraine Customs in + Black Sea and Danube - marine Customs. + Inside you Will Find lulz much related to Illegal Operations with + Oil and gas, corruption and Schemes Also much of good eddible Intel + All related to corruption in Ukraine Government controlled marine + Cargo Operations, Bribes and kickbacks gov. + Much of the Inside of the package is related to Ukraine + Former Chief Customs - Ihor Kaletnyk WHO is an active FSB operative + Russian enforcing rules of Engagement in Ukraine. + Also alot of Offshore moneylaundering by this persona and Other Government + Crooks. We undrstand that oil is money and money is power. + But They just do not Realize That one Day + shit happens and this shit pours from Big A Greedy right into Their throats.  + Sneak Peak of 64 Documents ..."

The hacker community has posted all the leaked information on an image archive and made that available for public. The 1 GB of the stolen data has also been made public in three different archive links

But on other hand the Ukrainian Government Officials denied the entire issue, according to the spokes man of government "Custom server can not be compromised. Therefore, as at a web server. Other documents, as far as I know, this server is not stored."  He also said that "Those documents that have posted allegedly crackers were not extracted from the server to the customs. In this I am 100%. Let me explain. Please note, most of the documents photographed, that is, it is done the person who had physical access to them, perhaps even temporary. Given that the documents from different regions of Ukraine, then they could meet only in the State Customs Service (MinDohodov) or law-enforcement agencies." 

While talking about this recent breach, we would like to remind you that couple of years ago, another infamous hacker community going by the name of Kosovo Hackers Security (KHS) targeted Ukraine govt. That time KHS have successfully penetrated the official website of Ukraine Police, (Ukraine Largest News Portal) and many more high profile sites. Now this hack of Anonymous is again another big attack which caused a serious damage to the Ukrainian cyber space. For updates on this hack and also all the other cyber updates stay tuned with VOGH


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