12 Thousand Websites Hacked By Teamgreyhat (TGH)

12 Thousand Websites Hacked By Teamgreyhat (TGH) For #Free Education & #Health in India
Hacktivist Teamgreyhat strikes again. This time it was really a big one. In this blow they have blown more than 12 Thousand websites. In dead this is the biggest attack ever done by TGH guys. According to TGH authority "this attack is just the trailer........ wait and stay tuned for the entire episode...."  Also in their press release TGH has declared that their next target will be two high profile websites of India and they are Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) & Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC). Through this massive attack the hacker group also spreed their message and that is:-
#free education from the beginning to masters....or even more.
#free health (proper treatment)
The official press release and all the hacked sites can be found on a tinypaste post. The deface mirror can be found on zone-hack. Among those hacked sites there thousand of high profile sites such as Govt bodies, Business Organization, Educational Site, Commercial sector, IT industry sites and many more. TGH authority also claimed that the list of all those hacked sites covers many countries cyber fence such as India, UK, US, Bangladesh and so on. And to make this possible they have hacked more than 5 web servers. Few days ago TGH has rooted a Govt Server and in that attack they have hacked more than 5K sites also if you dig the history you will find that earlier this group has hacked many web-servers such as Ankit Fadia's Server, Colombiaweb, Mochahost Web Server, Guyana Server, Malaysian Web-hostCybertek Web-Server5gbfree.com, Theexpert Server  and so on. 


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