Turkish Police Website Hacked By Redhack, Email-id & Passwords Exposed

Turkish Police Website Hacked By Redhack, Email-id & Passwords Exposed 

Hackers group named Redhack has hacked into the official website of Turkish Police also known as Ankara Police Department. In a pastebin release the hackers have revealed the details of more than 850 Police officers including Full Name, Email-id and passwords. According to Redhack they "acquired secret information last week said one of the passwords of the secret police files was "123456." 
The group member said the reason for targeting the Ankara Police Department was that it was the center of applications such as "E-State" and "E-Police," and the fact that it was "much more special and better protected" than other police department websites. "We also held a grudge against Ankara police for their brutality against Tekel workers and their arbitrary blacklisting of citizens," the hacker said. "Everyone can forget, but communists do not."
According to the official website of RedHack.org they had confirmed that they downloaded police files that contained tips from "informant" citizens that told of suspicious activities by other citizens and published them on their website www.kizilhack.org, which is currently blocked by a court order to Internet users from Turkey.
The RedHack member said it took them one month to hack into the Ankara Police Department and then wandered around in the system for three weeks before bringing it down.
"We could see emails being sent to police officers before they could receive them. We even helped out a couple of people who asked for technical assistance from the police's 'virtual bureau,'" the hacker said.
Attack on Police Dept has became a normal thing earlier hacker from Anonymous has exposed 600 MB of Personal Data of Boston Police Patrolmens Association (BPPA). Also for #OpPiggyBank Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police & Salt Lake City Police Department Hacked by Anonymous. In 2011 Austrian Police also get hacked By Anonymous where more 25K+ Officers Personal Data get leaked. 


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