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March witnessed the launch of the much awaited Mozilla Firefox 4. We dedicate this issue to Mozilla and even the cover page that I designed (ahem) reflects that. The month started on a high note with India finally winning the ICC World Cup that also awakened our patriotic feelings.
Keeping with the theme of browser security, this issue covers Mozilla Security in Tech Gyan, FireCAT in Tool Gyan, Being Invisible on the Internet in Moms Guide, Configuring Apache SSL in Command Line, Introduction to newly launched Matriux Vibhag and New Rules of Information Technology in Legal Gyan.
We at ClubHack Mag would like to thank our contributors for an overwhelming response to the call for articles for this issue. Browser security affects all users of the Internet and therefore, we have decided that to keep the same theme for our May issue.
Wireless networking is another issue that is now looming large on the horizon of most organisations and has even penetrated most tech-savvy homes. We intend to cover Wireless penetration testing for our subsequent issues. Keep sending your articles to
Happy and Safe surfing!
In April issue we have the following articles

0x00 Tech Gyan - Mozilla Firefox Internals & Attack Strategies
0x01 Tool Gyan - FireCAT
0x02 Mom's Guide - Being Invisible on the Internet
0x03 Legal Gyan - The Information Technology Rules, 2011
0x04 Command Line Gyan - Configuring Apache SSL
0x05 Matriux Vibhag - Introduction Part 2
0x06 Poster of the month - Happy and Safe Surfing.
n India we were waiting to see any 'hacking' magazine to happen and the wait was getting little longer. So finally ClubHack decided to come up with its own 1st  Indian "Hacking" Magazine called CHmag.
We at ClubHack aremore than thrilled about the magazine and this fits into our main objective of making hacking and information security a common sense for a commn man.
Moving further we need a lot of help form the whole information security community of the country to make this a success
This magazine is divided into the following sections:
0x00 Tech Gyan of the month
0x01 Legal Gyan of the month
0x02 Tool Gyan of the month
0x03 Command Line Gyan of the month
0x04 Mom's Guide of the month
0x05 Awareness Poster of the month
We hope to add a lot of sections in future, all we need is input from you as to what you would like to see in your magazine
The PDF version can be downloaded from


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