DarkComet-RAT v3.3 Released

DarkComet-RAT (Remote Administration Tool) is software design to control in the best condition and confort possible any kind of Microsoft Windows machine since Windows 2000.This softwareallow you to make hundreds of functions stealthly and remotely without any kind of autorisation in the remote process.This software is a long time project , started the August 2008 , DarkComet-RAT is now one of the best and one of the most stable RAT ever made and totally free.
Features added and bugs fixed.
  • Button sidebar back with a nicer gui , for my chinese friends that prefer buttons 
  • [Active Ports] Now process name always display correctly
  • Active Ports added to client in Socket list to help you to figure some problemes or be sure all working fine
  • Melt function totally recoded using another way via FWB++ work 100% of the time on 32 and 64bit systems.
  • Uninstall function is more stable if not using persistance
  • Persistance totally recoded using FWB++ working on 32 and 64bit.
  • Process Manager refresh 2x faster
  • Remote shell is now better
  • File transfer is now more stable
  • Webcam more stable
  • Webcam can be stetch now
  • Delete folder work fine now ( recursive too )
  • File creation added in remote list of file manager
  • File modification added in remote list of file manager
  • File attrib added in remote list of file manager (click on file attrib colum for more info)
  • I reinstall Delphi 2010 in english this time, so all label might be in english now 
  • Now client keep is size when restored from tray
  • Now when you stop capture of desktop, last captured window picture stay
  • New toast design
  • FixComet available on http://darkcomet-rat.com/
  • Mini Download (FASM) is now working 100% fine (no more “not Win32 valid…”)
  • Startup been optimized
  • Startup use fwb++ to install
  • Startup persistance use now fwb++ too
  • upload logs to FTP now working fine
  • Now you can choose wich monitor to capture if the user got multi monitors (thanks mjord5 for the idea)
  • synthax highlighters was updated
  • A big prob fix (now you can for example capture two desktop at the same time without any prob)
Download DarkComet-RAT v3.3 here


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