CloudCrack: An NVIDIA GPU-Accelerated Cryptanalysis Suite!

You must be aware of our previous posts such as – MOSCRACK and WPA Cracker. We now have another open source offering that is NOT a cracker, but a cryptanalysis suite that is written in CUDA – a parallel computing architecture.
CloudCrack is a GPU-enhanced cryptanalysis suite for cloud computing platforms such as the Amazon EC2 Cluster Compute cloud. It is a NVIDIA GPU-accelerated cryptanalysis suite written in CUDA, NVIDIA’s massively parallel concurrent programming language. CloudCrack contains custom CUDA multiprecision math libraries for storing a large target RSA modulus n in shared GPU memory, with each GPU core working as a parallel factoring process to break the target modulus.
CloudCrack is based upon a Pollard’s Rho factoring hybrid with an updated Brent cycle finder, and includes performance optimizations to the traditional Rho factoring method. The massively parallel design of the NVIDIA GPU architecture lends itself quite well to Pollard’s Rho, and the reduction sieve performance enhancements added with CloudCrack can reduce by several orders of magnitude the size of the keyspace required to search for a successful brute force attack against a large RSA target modulus n.
The only thing that will hurt us is that our small time home computers will not be able to support thisapplication. To run this open source software, you will need a Fermi capable GPU such as a GeForce GTS 450 or GTX 460 series, and a Linux-based NVIDIA CUDA (3.2 or better) development environment. RHEL 5.5 or Fedora 13 is preferred for maximum compatibility with future EC2 parameterized launch instances.  The most recent generation of consumer CUDA GPUs from NVIDIA contain hundreds of cores, each core of which can be utilized as a concurrent Rho factoringthread (the GTS 450 has 192 hardware cores; the GTX 460 has 336; and, the M2050/2060 Tesla series have 448 cores each). You ofcourse could rent them from Amazon, etc.
All this certainly sounds awesome and we are sure that there will be a spurt in cracking services. This software currently comes in two versions -
  • REVA, which implements the Greatest Common Denominator (gcd) function on the GPU itself; currently there is a bug in the Montgomery math routines in the REVA gcd however.
  • REVB includes reduction sieve performance enhancements but with the gcd function implemented on the host CPU, which requires about 25% of the PCIe bus bandwidth to shuffle targets from the GPU to the host CPU for the gcd test.
We can expect a REVC soon, which will include all of the performance enhancements inherent to the REVB fork, with a GPU-localized gcd like the architecture of REVA.
Download CloudCrack_REVA.tar.gz and CloudCrack_REVB.tar.gz or view the complete archivehere.


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