McAfee and CSIS report reveals the vulnerability of cyber attacks

A report prepared by antivirus company McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies(CSIS), has brought to light the vulnerability of cyberattacks on power grids, oil, gas and water.
The report, called In the Dark: Crucial Industries Confront Cyberattacks, is a follow up to 2010’sreport, In the Crossfire: Critical Infrastructure in the Age of Cyberwar. Commissioned by McAfee and produced by CSIS, the report reveals the survey results which were undertaken in 14 countries. It found out that of the 200 IT security executives of critical electricity infrastructure enterprises, 40 per cent believed that their industry is vulnerable, while 30 per cent believed their companies are not well protected from cyberattacks. More than 40 per cent fear a major cyber attack by 2011.
“We found that the adoption of security measures in important civilian industries badly trailed the increase in threats over the last year,” said Stewart Baker, who led the study for CSIS. In addition to that, the press release byMcAfee quotes Jim Woolsey, former United States Director of Central Intelligence, “Ninety to 95 percent of the people working on the smart grid are not concerned about security and only see it as a last box they have to check.” It also adds that “as the energy sector increased its adoption of securitytechnologies by only a single percentage point (51 percent), and oil and gas industries increased only by three percentage points (48 percent).”
Other findings of the report include the fact that a few countries like Brazil, France and Mexico have lesser security measures than their counterparts China, Italy and Japan. McAfee’s press release reveals, that “India and Mexico have a high rate of extortion attempts; 60 to 80 percent of executives surveyed in these countries reported extortion attempts.” According to the report, while 81 per cent of respondents faced DDoS service attacks, more than 50 per cent of them had already faced government attacks.


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