XECUTER X360USB PRO HDD Hacker Tool Released

The last four weeks have seen an unprecedented response to the new X360USB PRO product and the feedback has been nothing short of sensational. Stocks have been wiped out time and time again, the production lines are working 24/7 and resellers have reported record sales � outselling any competitors products by up to 100:1 !
Well, development is always ongoing and we are happy to announce the next level of features and capabilities with the release of the new X360USB PRO HDD HACKER TOOL.
Not only is the X360USB PRO able to communicate with DVD Drives by utilizing built in PortIO and WinAPI functions giving a level of speed and access never seen before, but it can now also connect to Hard Drives and manipulate the data for the first time over USB using any Windows 32bit or 64bit operating system with just a few simple clicks.
What does this mean for you ?
You can now convert any off-the-shelf 2.5″ SATA Hard Drive and convert it to be 100% XBOX 360 Compatible, saving you a TON of money !
The X360USB PRO HDD HACKER TOOL currently supports the entire range of Western Digital 2.5″ SATA Hard Drives, however we will be able to add a range of other manufacturer�s and models in future updates.
All you need is the HDSS.BIN file from an original XBOX360 Hard Drive (which can be easily extracted using the X360USB PRO) and use it to convert your WD SATA Drive. The following guide will show you just how easy it is.
Note: The size of the drive is limited to the size of your HDSS.BIN file (e.g. if you have a 250GB HDSS.BIN and you flash it to a 320Gb Hard Drive � then the drive will recognize in the Xbox 360 as a 250GB drive)
To support the the new HDD capabilities of the X360USB PRO, we have begun to manufacture a range of new products to give you a clean and professional Hard Drive update experience.
To extract the HDSS.BIN from an original XBOX 360 Hard Drive
Flashes a HDSS.BIN to your 3rd party Hard Drive and saves a copy of the drives original sectors to UNDO.BIN
Restores the Hard Drive�s firmware and Max LBA to it�s original state using the UNDO.BIN
Partitions and formats the drive to XBOX 360 specifications
Official Site: http://team-xecuter.com
Download: here
Guide/Tutorial: here


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