BlackHole Exploit Kit 1.0.2 is now Available

BlackHole exploit kit is yet another in an ongoing wave of attack toolkits flooding the underground market. The kit first appeared on the crimeware market in September of 2010 and ever since then has quickly been gaining market share over its vast number of competitors. In fact, many antivirus vendors now claim that this is one of the most prevalent exploit kits used in the wild. Even Malware Domain List is showing quite a few domains infected with the BlackHole exploit kit. TDS or Traffic Direction Script. While this is not an entirely new concept in attack toolkits the TDS included her is much more sophisticated and powerful than those in other kits. A TDS is basically an engine that allows redirection of traffic through a set of rules. For example, a user can set up a set of rules that redirect flow to different landing pages on their domain. These rules could be based on operating system, browser, country of origin, exploit, files, etc. One rule might redirect traffic to page A for all users that are running Windows OS from XP to Vista and running IE 8, while another rule can redirect Windows 7 users to page B. Those were just simple example rules.
More advanced rules could set expiration dates for certain payloads and replace them with new ones when the date is reached. The TDS included in BlackHole even goes the extra step and allows you to create traffic flows based on these rules and provides management interface for the flows. A savvy malicious user with a lot of experience could easily utilize this rule engine to increase their infection numbers.From a web application standpoint BlackHole is built just like other kits, consisting of a PHP and MySQL backend. Since the majority of web servers run on the LAMP stack this enabled for very easy applicationdeployment. The user interface for this kit is a cut about the rest, and it definitely looks nicer than almost any other attack kit.
Download BlackHole Exploit Kit 1.0.2 here


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