smart_hashdump: A Metasploit Post Exploitation Module!!!

Smart_hashdump builds on Mubix aka Mr. Rob Fuller’s idea of migrating into a pre-existing 64bit SYSTEM process and then running the “hashdump” Metasploit command. This module (also packaged as a script) adds the ability to escalate privileges using the getsystem API call. It works as follows: 
  • It first checks the Privilege Level and OS.
  • It will check if the target is a Domain Controller.
  • Based on this information it will prefer the reading of the registry to get the hashes if possible, if not possible it will inject in to the lsass process if possible. For Domain Controllers it will use theinjection to lsass.
  • If the target is a Windows 2008 server and the process is running with admin privileges it willattempt to get system privilege using getsystem, if it gets SYSTEM privilege do to the way the token privileges are set it can still not inject in to the lsass process so the code will migrate to a process already running as SYSTEM and then inject in to the lsass process.
  • If the code detects that it is running on a Windows 7/Vista box with UAC disabled and it is running as local admin it will run getsystem and it will use the read registry method.
  • On Windows 2003/2000/XP it will use getsystem and if successful it will use the read registry method.
It also includes a functionality to save the found hashes to a file or a database as available. It thus saves the SID of the account so as to identify the accounts and be able to use those if needed.
Download smart_hasdump.rb smart_hashdump script  and smart_hashdump module!


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