Interview of Bangladesh Cyber Army with Voice Of GREYHAT

Exclusive Interview of the Admin Bangladesh Cyber Army with Voice Of GREYHAT:-

VOGH :  I have heard a lot about BCA now I want to know about BCA from admin himself so will you plz?

BCA  : Yes, Now days, BCA is a leading security team in Bangladesh. But Interesting thing is, It’s started from a Facebook Group. And Only 5 people are in starting time. But now it has 250+ people in Group.  And we also have our own website, and forum. And many people know us, and Like us 

VOGH : whats the aim of BCA? Means you people must have some objects over here
may I know what are those?

BCA : BCA will be the best cyber security team in bd. basically BCA will help BD people to self defend from others hacker. We will protect all the BD site from others hacker. We will be the ultimate hacking team in next gen. we will prove whole world that BD guys can do anything for their country. We just love our country.

VOGH : How many members are there in BCA?

BCA:  All the BD people are our members. And other’s people who love BD 

VOGH:  What type of achievements BCA has got?

BCA :As far as we think this is only our beginning. Tons of web sites have been hacked till now from BCA team. We hired from BD gov security team called RAB (rapid action battalion) for something under cover mission related about technology. we have protected 150+ web site from others hacker. people love us. People want us. thats it.

VOGH : I am aware of that Bangladeshi hacker’s hacked Google and Airtel, tell what is your view on those topics. And also briff that hacking.

BCA : Yes, It was a Big Hacking. And he was also a good Hacker. But sad thing’s is, he didn’t use his skill in right way, and he destroys many website in his own country. And many harmful hacking done by him.

VOGH: When BCA will make their own forum or security team?

BCA : BCA Now Work on it, and Very soon it will be launched.

VOGH : Tell us some thing about the Bangladeshi hackers.

BCA : Yes, There are many Hackers now in Bangladesh, and they doing very good job. Some of Big Hacks are already done by Bangladeshi Hackers. And also many website secured and penetrate by Bangladeshi People. And in our maximum Hackers are don’t doing  any harmful Hacking. And they Love Bangladesh and Bangladeshi People 

VOGH : let me know is there any one who really helped u guys to form BCA?
means do u want to give thanks to any body regarding the set up and publicity
BCA : Yes we wanna ThnX to Alshe Dupor. He provided our host to maintain our forum. And Also ThnX you and your Group for Our Publicity

VOGH : There are lots of other security team and forums, what is your view about them?
BCA : Yes, There is Many Security team and Forums. Some of them are very good, some are good and some are not so good. It’s Depend what are they doing.

VOGH : Name your favourite hacker.
BCA : There is Many Hacker and their work I Like.  But Kevin Mitnick is Best One 

VOGH : what’s your next object?
BCA : Our Next object is Approval from BD Gov, As a Security Team 

VOGH : We always hard a term "ethical hacker", my question is can hacking be ethical?

BCA : Why Not? If you apply your knowledge on positive things, Help people to Improve Their Cyber Security, and don’t do any harmful things, then it can be Ethical.

VOGH : Thanks a lot for giving voice of GREYHAT so much time. All the very best for BCA.

BCA : Thank you too.


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