Anonymous withdrawn #op-India & the untold story of this operation.

The fledgling Indian operation of hacker group Anonymous attacked the website of the Indian army on Friday, but reversed its decision after it ran into criticism from Indian supporters who were annoyed that the Indian army was targeted.
Later on Friday, the hacker group said in a Twitter message that the Indian army site was now working fine. The new consensus appears to be not to target government websites, but only those of corrupt politicians. Anonymous has made common cause in India with an anti-corruption movement in the country. It hacked earlier this week the website of the National Informatics Center (NIC), an IT planning and services organization of the Indian government. On Anonymous' Operation India page on Facebook, it was criticized on Friday by a number of users after it announced that it had hacked the Indian army's site. "I won't support hacking the page of Indian Army. SAD," said one Facebook user. "Why indian army? what do they have to do with this? this is not Pakistan," said another user. Later on Friday, the Indian operation of Anonymous said on Facebook and Twitter that from now on it would target only corrupt politicians. "Operation India Anonymous Feel that we should not Target any site without getting your opinions," it said on Facebook. On Twitter, the group said that they were Indians, and "dont want to harm our own property." Anonymous said earlier in the day that the attack on the Indian army site had not led to any loss of data for the army, but was just meant to send a message to the Indian government about corruption. It also posted videos of its demands on YouTube. The hacker group also claimed to have attacked the NIC site again on Friday. The part of the website that was hacked earlier in the week is still "under maintenance." The NIC hosts a number of Indian government sites. Late Thursday, Anonymous said it had launched a DDoS (distributed denial of service) attack on Turkish government websites in protest against a new Internet filter system that is to be introduced in August. The website of a Turkish telecommunications authority was not accessible. 
Some Untold Facts and the reality of #op-India:- 
In reality Anonymous never start #op-India, because Anonymous don't hit democratic countries, media and so on.It was a few Indian guy (for some reason I am not publishing their names, but I believe that you all know them) who started this mission by using the name of Anonymous. They did this for their personal profit, not for the noble cause which they ware pretending to say. In short time that guys just fool some innocent Indians, they played with the soft corner and miss use the sympathy of common peoples. In short the #op-india was totally fake, and was created for personal profit. Now due to huge pressure they were forced to close that fake mission. I am proud to say that VOGH was among them who protest those crooks who did this thing. They just violated the media, GOV and more importantly they tricks with the emotion of common Indians. We strongly earge to Indian GOV that those rascals should be fucked up.


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