The Karachi Press Club’s website got hacked

The Karachi Press Club’s website had been hacked on Monday and its pages defaced by hackers who claimed in their messages that they were Indian and were known by their alias “IMMORTALS”. They posted a ‘Jai Hind’ cry on the website after redoing it in a matrix like screen. The defaced page looked similar to the defacing Pakistani hackers had done to the website of India’s Central Bureau of Investigation in early December 2010. Both countries have had a rich history of tit-for-tat website hacking that has seen internet security companies on both sides of the border stretched to the limit.
Hacking attacks had grown in number and intensity with Pakistani hackers breaking into the Indian CBI website which started off a mini war as Indian hackers retaliated, hacking in to 36 Pakistani websites. In March of this year, the official website of Pakistan Muslim League –N was hacked and defaced, with the hackers calling on the party leaders to end corruption. The attack, contrary to tradition, was not claimed by any hacker group. Oddly though, the homepage was defaced in a manner similar to the earlier CBI website and the current Karachi Press Club website. 

The Pakistani ‘tat’ came mere hours after the Indian ‘tit’, with a Pakistani hacker group “KhantastiC  Haxor”, hacking into an Indian website , and posting a note on its now defaced homepage. The message from the Pakistani hacker group claimed that their retaliatory hack was a warning to Indian hackers to stop hacking Pakistani sites. KhantastiC Haxor claimed that they did not harm any site component, nor was it their intent to leak information contained within the website.


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