Mac OS X Lion Login Password Vulnerability

A password recovery company has advised users of the Mac OS X Lion to disable the ‘automatic login’ feature of the operating system from Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) due to a vulnerability that was discovered recently.
The vulnerability of the recently released Mac OS X Lion reportedly exposed the login passwords whenever the Mac is in sleep mode or is locked according to Passware, which provides password recovery software applications to law enforcement organizations. The same issue also affects the earlier version of the OS from Apple, the Snow Leopard.
The company indicated that it was necessary for users of the Mac OS X Lion to connect with the FireWire port of the Mac for them to retrieve the password through direct memory access. Sales of the latest OS from Apple started a week ago at the App Store with a price tag of $30. Apple has pointed out that the Mac OS X Lion provides numerous new features.

Fortunately this issue can be easily resolved by users when they disable the automatic login feature on the Mac OS X Lion. The users can also opt to shut down the computers since the passwords will not be saved in the memory once the computers are turned off. The FireWire port can also be disabled by the users to guard against this vulnerability on the Mac OS X Lion.
The company also indicated that its newest offering, the Passware Kit Forensic will be able to deal with the vulnerability on the Mac OS X Lion since the software will reportedly recover the login password.
When the automatic login feature is disabled, the computer will be secured even if the passwords are recoverable while the Mac is in sleep mode. With the automatic login feature in the Mac OS X Lion, anyone who works on the computer can access the device.
Users will have to type in their password into the computer using their profile in order to disable the automatic login feature of the Mac OS X Lion. Passware has indicated that it has already used the same system of accessing apparently secured data as ut was able to decrypt some hard drives that were encrypted using TrueCrypt and BitLocker.


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