Latest Blackberry Play Book Software Update By RIM

RIM Offers Up Latest BlackBerry PlayBook Software Update [BlackBerry PlayBook Software Update Now Available, Brings Improved Wi-Fi Connectivity, Faster Bridge Pairing & More. It has been just over a months time since we saw the last update for the BlackBerry PlayBook and while this latest is not adding the one item people seem to be complaining about most — it is nice to see it arrive so quickly. Not to mention, this update does appear to have a few perks for those who are actually using and enjoying their PlayBook.
That being said, this latest update will bring your PlayBook up to version The update measures in at 80MB in size and the tablet does require a reboot after the update process has run its course. The update does not contain a bunch of new features, instead it takes care of a few bugs and also brings something called differential updates. In terms of the bug fixes, those deal with Wi-Fi connectivity and the BlackBerry Bridge.

The New Features You Will Get:-

  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity to WEP networks
  • Faster pairing between a BlackBerry smartphone and BlackBerry
PlayBook tablet via the BlackBerry Bridge app, and faster attachment
opening via BlackBerry Bridge.
And now getting to the differential updates, this one is described as;

“The differential updates feature allows us to update only the sections of the BlackBerry Tablet OS that require updating. This should result in smaller download file sizes and therefore faster updating.”

All said and done, nothing major but enough that it should still be welcomed by regular users. Of course, given the last update was 1.0.7 and this one is I am not sure anyone could have really expected to see anything major included. Bottom line here, despite what many think about the PlayBook — it is sort of refreshing to see that RIM has not given up just yet. Especially considering what we recently watched HP do with the TouchPad. And in the end, I will maintain my previous statements in that while the PlayBook could use some software improvements and more apps — the hardware is super nice.

-News Source (TFTS & RIM)


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