UK Cops Gave Warning To hacktivist Via Twitter

After arresting several suspected members of high-profile hackers’ groups, the UK police issued their latest warning to other hackers – via a tweet.
In a message on its Twitter account, the UK Metropolitan Police reminded people against computer misuse, adding the probe into the criminal activity of hacktivist groups continues.
"The investigation into the criminal activity of so-called ‘hacktivist’ groups #Anonymous and #LulzSec continue(s)," it said.

A link on the tweet led to a longer statement, where the Metropolitan Police reiterated anyone considering accessing a computer without authority risk imprisonment.
Hacker groups had taken to using Twitter to inform the public of their latest acts.
Under UK law, “it is an offence if a person acts from within the UK upon a computer anywhere else in the world. It is also an offence if someone anywhere else in the world to criminally affect a computer within the UK," the police tweet said.
The tweet also said UK law penalizes unauthorized access to personal accounts, Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) Attacks and intrusive hacks where data is taken or systems changed.
"Other jurisdictions have similar law," it said in the extended tweet.
In past weeks, UK police had arrested “Topiary," the suspected spokesman of hacker group Lulz Security, which had joined forces with Anonymous to hack government and corporate sites.
But “Topiary" a.k.a. Jake Davis, 18, was released on bail after he was charged with five offenses relating to computer attacks and break-ins by LulzSec and Anonymous.
Anonymous had issued a press release to free “Topiary" and hinted at getting back at those who led to his arrest.
It called on its Anons in the UK "to revolt and wash this shame brought upon them by a band of traitors and bandits who sold out to Anonymous’ enemies and disparaged the sentiment of this noble, lulzy people."

The group also called on Anons "to revolt altogether to cleanse the world of the ProSec filth who spread mischief in the land."


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