AnDevCon 2 (The Android Developer Conference)

The technical conference for software developers building or selling Android apps, arrives after a smashing debut in March, 2011 (nearly 1,000 attendees and 20 major sponsors).  It will offer one day of intensive workshops, followed by three days of technical classes.  More than 1,000 software developers, engineers and entrepreneurs from 35 nations are projected to attend Android DevCon and choose from 70 classes to bring Android open source development to a high level.
Android handsets are taking the world by storm.  And because it’s an open platform, Android is finding its way into tablets, set-top boxes and just about everything you can imagine.
You can receive a $100 discount off the Full Event Passport and/or gain free admission to the exhibits

According to The AnDevCon-2 Chairman:- 

"Android’s success is incredible. Driven by the energy of the open-source movement, backed by many of the biggest names in software, hardware and carrier services, Android is taking off like a rocket. Between handsets and the emerging world of Honeycomb-based tablets, there are superlatives everywhere. Astounding. Amazing. Astonishing. And that’s just the letter “A.”
Come to AnDevCon II: The Android Developer Conference to learn how to succeed with your mobile apps development, deployment and marketing.
AnDevCon is focused 100% on your need to thrive in the hot and exciting world of Android apps. Produced by BZ Media – publishers of SD Times, the newspaper for the software development industry – this is the most info-packed, most practical Android conference in the world. At AnDevCon, you'll be able to choose from dozens of workshops and technical classes at all levels, from overview to intermediate, from advanced to expert. Come and learn what fits your needs, as our sessions are organized into five subject areas suitable for you and everyone on your team:
Developer Essentials: These technical classes and workshops are for all Android developers and cover all programming topics.
Android Enterprise: These technical sessions cover topics specific to building and managing apps for employees, business customers and partners, such as back-end integration corporate data center communications, ERP or CRM systems.
Android Business: These classes and workshops are for entrepreneurial developers who want to learn the most effective ways of distributing and selling Android apps, including how to maximize profit through the Android Market.
Android Tablets: These classes and workshops are specific to Android Honeycomb and the world of Android tablets.
Embedded Android: These classes and workshops are for developers working close to the hardware, such as on custom devices, or diving deep into the internals of this flavor of embedded Linux.
But wait – there’s more, lots more. In the AnDevCon exhibit hall, you'll learn about the best tools, services and resources for Android developers and marketers. Mingle and network during breaks and at our big evening reception. There's more, much more… this is the conference you won't want to miss.
Join us for three days and learn from the brightest minds in the Android universe."

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