Kororaa Linux 15 Released (Based on Fedora 15, Lovelock)

Dubbed Squirt, the new Kororaa 15 OS is now based on the Fedora 15 release, it features both KDE SC 4.6 and GNOME 3 desktop environments, and it is available for download (see download links at the end of the article) for both 32-bit and 64-bit architectures. Kororaa 15 includes lots of new and interesting features, such as Ubuntu’s Jockey Device Driver Manager tool as a replacement for the old Add/Remove Extras script, easier installation of the Adobe Flash Player plugin, and lots more.
"Users still on Kororaa 14 may wish to upgrade to 15 and should do so via a new install (backup your data if necessary). Users who wish to stay with GNOME 2.x should not upgrade to 15, as it comes with GNOME 3."
"However, Kororaa 15 does include a desktop switcher for GNOME 3, so that users can switch between the new Shell interface and the 2.x style Fallback mode." - said Chris Smart in the official announcement.

Highlights of Kororaa 15:-

· Linux kernel;
· Customized GNOME 3 desktop environment;
· Customized KDE SC 4.6 desktop environment;
· Mozilla Firefox 6 as default web browser;
· VLC as default video player;
· Pidgin as the default IM client;
· Extra repositories for installing Adobe Flash Player, Google Chrome,                     RPMFusion and VirtualBox;
· Gwibber and Choqok microblogging clients;
· Out-of-the-box multimedia support;
· Adobe Flash Player installer;
· Jockey Device Driver Manager to easily install Nvidia and ATI video drivers;
· Shell and Fallback desktops switcher for GNOME 3;
· OpenShot and Kdenlive video editors;
· SELinux enabled;
· Australian and British English support and dictionaries;
· DownThemAll add-on for Firefox;
· Linphone VoIP client (for the KDE edition);
· Removed KSplice;
· Removed Add/Remove Extras script;
· Lots of other improvements and bugfixes.

To download Kororaa Linux click Here


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