New Exploits For iOS 5 By Chronic Dev Team

Chronic Dev Team Has 5 Userland Exploits For iOS 5. The news is huge for anyone eager to get their hands on an iPhone 5. Userland jailbreaks refer to an exploit found in the software (iOS 5) rather than a hardware exploit. These are easily patched via an iOS update (ie. 5.0.1, etc).
The record breaking 5 (read: five) exploits will work on both the iPhone 5, iPad 2(only 1 currently exists – jailbreakme 3.0) as well as iOS 5. The reason we haven’t seen any of these exploits in action as of right now for iOS 5 beta is because it will give Apple plenty of time to patch the vulnerability before the Master release. But good news for us, as long as Apple doesn’t find any of these, we’ll have that untethered jailbreak sooner rather than later.
The Chronic Dev Team have been quiet lately, not releasing a tool since the greenpois0n release earlier this year that gave iOS 4.2.1 the pwnage of it’s life. Tweets have surfaced claiming they have been actively working on jailbreaking iOS 5 which has proven to be successful with these 5 exploits.
Of course we’ll keep you up to date on any release info as soon as we see something surface. My bets are on that they won’t release any of the exploits until the iPhone 5 is released just to give them the upper hand. If they release something when iOS 5 is release (if it is before the iPhone 5) it will easily be patched for the iPhone 5 debut – Apple will just patch the software and release the iPhone 5 with an updated iOS.5

-News Source (Gadgetsteria)


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