Scientific Linux 6.1 Released

Scientific Linux 6.1 Released. The base SL distribution is basically Enterprise Linux, recompiled from source.
Differences from SL6.0:-
Packages changed/added
This was added because the new graphical theme uses this font.
livecd-tools, liveusb-creator
Updated to later versions
Updated to work with 6.1
Shawn Thompson created a whole new graphical theme for SL 6 called "Edge Of Space".
Page changed, by Shawn Thompson, to fit the new graphical theme, "Edge of Space".
de-DE translation provided by Christoph Galuschka
es-ES translation provided by Joseph Marrero
fr-FR translation provided by Manuel Wolfshant and Fabian Arrotin
hu-HU translation provided by Laszlo Dvornik
ja-JP translation provided by Tomoya Inoue
ru-RU translation provided by Linux Ink
sv-SE translation provided by Alexander Lindqvist
We pulled the fastbugs and testing repo's out of the repository file that comes with sl-release. They are now in their own rpm called yum-conf-sl-other.
This is done to fix the problem of people checking the fastbugs during the install. Since fastbugs is then not on by default after the install, updates break.
Updated config files to point to 6x instead of 6.0
Updated ks/sl6.match.tuv.install.dvd.* to match TUV better.
This contains the sl-fastbugs, sl-testing, and sl-debuginfo yum repositories.
Other known changes
DVD Install - request to setup network
When you click "Next" on the Boot Loader Screen, you will be asked to setup your network before you move to the Installation Type Screen.
This is Not Mandatory. You can safely click "Cancel". You will have to click "Cancel" twice. This is normal.

To see the official release note click Here

To download Scientific Linux click Here


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