First Ever Automotive Linux Summit (ALS 2011, Japan on November 28, 2011) By The Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation announced today the first ever Automotive Linux Summit. Taking place in Japan on November 28, 2011, it will be an opportunity to address the growing need for carmakers and Linux developers to collaborate on the future of cars as devices. Nissan and Toyota will both be there, along with Intel, NEC, and a host of other mobile solutions developers.
Dig it: “cars as devices”. The Internet of Things will be upon us sooner than we imagined. Automobiles are becoming increasingly complicated, with computers and computer systems getting more and more integrated into the whole of the vehicle, not to mention connectivity being expected by the driver at the dashboard. No single vendor can provide the breadth of experience required to develop and maintain the kind of software necessary to power all the computing on a car, so the vendor-neutral approach of the Linux stack makes tremendous sense to car makers.
According to Linux Foundation:-
"Automotive Linux Summit (ALS) is event specifically for the automotive industry and the growing cross-industry ecosystem for future mobility solutions.
The Automotive Linux Summit is the premier vendor-neutral business and technical conference for companies and developers using or looking to use Linux and open-source technologies in automotive applications ranging from in-vehicle on-board system to cloud solutions for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications.
ALS is the event where automotive expertise meets open-source excellence talking and collaborating on solutions meeting the challenges of tomorrow's vehicular applications, traffic and mobility management solutions. For those who are developing embedded and/or infrastructure systems for the automotive industry and looking how they can leverage the power and flexibility of Linux and open-source to jump-start their product development ALS will be the one-stop source for business-oriented, technical and legal information.
Ultimately, ALS will bring together the key players and industry excellence to create a momentum for new opportunities through open innovation."

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-News Source (Linux Foundation)


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